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05.04.24 All media
Construction starts on Australia Pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka

Construction on the striking Australian Pavilion for Expo 2025 in Osaka has commenced, following a groundbreaking ceremony in Japan on March 19.

The ceremony was attended by a delegation of representatives from Australia and Japan, including Nancy Gordon, Australia’s Commissioner General for the World Expo 2025 Osaka, Trevor Holloway OAM, Australian Consul-General in Osaka, Senior Trade Commissioner and Stephen Auld, CEO of global architecture practice Buchan. Buchan is the lead designer and architect for the Australian Pavilion, and has partnered with Japanese architectural and urban design firm Nikken Sekkei to deliver it in Osaka.

Auld said he was honoured to be in Japan to participate in the project milestone, representing the Buchan team. “World Expos date back to 1851 and it’s a great privilege for Buchan to design the Australian Pavilion, which will represent our country alongside more than 150 others when Expo 2025 opens next April.”

Buchan’s lead architect on the project, Nataly Ernst, was excited to see the Australian Pavilion move a step closer to realisation. Ernst said World Expos are a great opportunity for architects to experiment and exchange ideas.

“Architects use Expo as a creative platform to explore new materials and building methodologies,” explained Ernst. “With Expo 2025’s focus on solving global challenges, regenerative design and sustainability will be at the fore. Ideas that we see at Expo 2025 will go on to be influential in the future.”

Buchan’s design for the Australian Pavilion is an abstraction of the ubiquitous eucalyptus gumnut, an expression of Australia’s diverse landscape and the warmth, energy and optimism of its people. It will provide a canvas for sharing Australian stories and culture and showcasing the country’s creativity and ingenuity.

The Buchan design team worked with Indigenous cultural advisor Karrda to embed Country into the Australian Pavilion, amplifying Indigenous culture, connection to land and water, and ways of knowing. An exhibition will take visitors on an immersive, sensory journey where they will engage with Australia’s physical beauty whilst learning about its culture and achievements.

Expo 2025 will open on Sunday 13 April 2025 and will run until Monday 13 October 2025.

First look at concept design for Australian Pavilion, Expo 2025 Osaka

L to R: Peter Boda, Associate Architect, Nikken Sekkei; Stephen Auld, Chief Executive Officer, Buchan; Nancy Gordon, Commissioner General for Australia, World Expo Osaka 2025; Toshiyuki Ikkai, Design Director, Nikken Sekkei; and Yasushi Sasabe, Engineering Director, Construction Administration Group, Nikken Sekkei.

L to R: Stephen Auld, Chief Executive Officer Buchan pictured with Trevor Holloway OAM, Australian Consul-General in Osaka, Senior Trade Commissioner.

About Expo 2025 Osaka
Expo 2025 Osaka, ‘Designing Future Society for our Lives’, will focus on developing and adopting best practices from around the world to drive co-creation by the global community in designing a sustainable society that supports social challenges, emerging sciences and evolving technologies.

Australia is participating in Expo 2025 alongside more than 150 nations, for six months from April to October 2025. Expo organisers are expecting 28 million visitors which represents an incredible commercial opportunity for Australian business.

For more information on Expo Osaka 2025 and the Australia Pavilion visit

Lead Designer/ Architect 


Buchan Design Team

Nataly Ernst – Lead Architect
Dong Uong – Creative Lead
Rob Baxter – Project Designer
Crispin Schurr – Project Architect
Courte Harlow – Computational Designer
Long Tran – Senior Architect
Carol Leung – Architect and Interior Designer
Sandrine Jouffre – Interior Designer
Leon Yang – Architect
John McCrystal – Exhibition Design
Dave Philpott – BIM Lead
Andrew Mackenzie and Ashley Sheppard – Project Principals

David Forbes, Harriet O’Reilly, Will Perkin, Arno Pieters, Rafe Delaney, Mark Lynch, Shaun Miller, Xavier Bruggeman, Brad Ric-Hansen, Alice Marshall, Patrick Shirley

Project Consultant Team

Nikken Sekkei – Local Architect, structural and building services consulting engineers, Japan
McGregor Coxall – Landscape Architect
Karrda Pty Ltd – Indigenous Cultural Advisor

Initial Concept Consultants

AECOM – Engineering
MGAC – DDA/ Access
Dr Chetana Andary – Exhibition Content Curator, Australia
Tanseisha Co. Ltd – Local Exhibition Design (Japan)