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From concept through to built form, our projects showcase successful outcomes achieved through good design and effective collaboration. Our work is an expression of our vision to positively influence life in our cities for the benefit of people and the planet.

At Buchan, we believe in shaping places that have a life of their own. That pulsate with the thrum of energy and momentum. That push progress and uplift the people in them. That create echoes of growth and ripples of positive impact – now and far into the future.

We are a global team of design experts. Inherently creative and curious, we enable collective knowledge and experience to create dynamic places that thrive.

Our culture is shaped and led by our people. We empower our people to design a brighter, more sustainable future that influences life in our cities for the benefit of people and the planet.

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We believe that design is not just about creating spaces, it’s about elevating the human experience. Our design ethos revolves around placing people at the heart of every project we undertake.

We understand that places can shape behaviours, emotions, and interactions, and we embrace this responsibility. We are dedicated to creating spaces that enrich lives, foster connections, and leave a legacy of opportunity for generations to come.

Our practice

Our mission is to confront the challenges of urbanisation with deep insight and visionary creativity that transcends boundaries and cultures to deliver high performing destinations.


Masterplans are the frameworks for our future communities and cities. From city centres to greenfield opportunities, we work holistically to deliver transformative places that change expectations and ensure a thriving, connected and sustainable future for cities around the globe.

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Architecture is the opportunity to challenge what’s inherent and explore new ways of thinking. Remaining open and curious, we design and deliver large-scale urban landscapes to boutique spaces, all characterised by their ability to bring meaning and joy to the people who use them.

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Our interior designer dream team works holistically across sectors, considering not what buildings do but how they make you feel. Specialists in the details, they produce high-quality, functional and creative outcomes that prioritise responsible materials and life cycle benefits for all who use them.

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Experiential design is embedding limitless ideas into built form. Through brand, wayfinding, graphics, placemaking, interpretive design and architectural facades, we innovate, elevate and amplify, harnessing the experiential into a tangible outcome.

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Our civic spaces and public architecture shapes the identity and character of our cities. As civic design experts, we bring a new level of public amenity and imagination, enhancing our communities with life-affirming places and spaces for generations to come.

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Agility is key when it comes to workplace design. Our future-facing work spaces reflect the function, culture and aspirations of our clients, while committing to sustainability, wellness and social responsibility. Valuing work-life balance, they engage and energise their immediate community and beyond.

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Wherever they are in the world, our hospitality projects share a deep understanding of locality and a passion for the perfect guest experience. Infused with their own unique sense of place and exceptional design, each inviting destination combines style, substance and service.

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Seamlessly integrating architecture, interior design and fit out, graphics and branding, we provide a holistic solution for our clients as part of a large mixed-use project or standalone destination.

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We create places where people gather and want to be. Where they can entertain friends and spend time with family. Whether it’s high-rise communities, build-to-rent, multi-residential or boutique – whatever their size or shape, we create homes for life.

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Creating fluidity between retail, dining, leisure and community spaces is when the magic happens. Our pioneering yet democratic design focuses on the customer to build legacy destinations that provide endless flexibility and potential for experiences that get people talking.

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We blur boundaries and redefine the future of urban living through our deep understanding of the evolving needs of modern cities and the dynamic interactions between different functions that enhance liveability, community, neighbourhood and enduring opportunity.

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We take the town and create the city. We take the city and ensure the elements – retail, commercial, hospitality and residential – work in harmony. Infused with a sense of place, we create the whole from the part and make it hum. Then it works like a city, but feels like a town.

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These are our stories of transformation. Carefully balancing conservation, preservation and reinvention, we examine the past, present and future to build new beacons of the community, that preserve our cultural heritage and resonate in a busy world.

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Experts in health precincts, Buchan Health & Wellbeing delivers caring and functional environments designed for modern healthcare in all its forms. From specialist health facilities to public hospitals and private sector developments, we use pioneering design to set the benchmark for what the hospitals and health services of the future should look like.

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Drawing on our collective wealth of international and domestic experience in sport, community placemaking and delivering solutions we make a lasting impact on projects, people and place.

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